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Sarah Schellenberg


I am an artist and designer living in Houston, TX. Since early 2015, I've been a full-time, independent designer primarily serving nonprofit arts organizations and local art studio developments. 

After 10 years, I have honed a simple approach to design. Whether it's a massive custom sign project, a fundraising campaign, new website, or simple print brochure, I begin with a set of questions. What is this work supposed to 'do'- what are the desired outcomes? What are the 5 most important traits at the core of the subject or brand? Who is the intended audience? How do we want the end user to feel? Once we have our answers, I usually have a clear understanding of what needs to happen to meet my client's objectives. 

A decade of working in the nonprofit sector broadened my skillset and made me, through necessity, very resourceful. I love utilizing that experience to solve problems for my clients. 

And I am absolutely tickled that I get to do it every. single. day. 

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