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Barnstorm | Dance Source, 2014
AIR | Dance Source
Truck Dances | Dance Source, 2015
AIR digital graphic
2016 Barnstorm tank
2015 Barnstorm tank
2015 Barnstorm Digital Graphic
2015 Barnstorm Poster, cool
2016 Barnstorm Poster, warm
2015 Barnstorm rack card
2015 Barnstorm Digital Graphic
2015 Barnstorm Digital Graphic


In 2015, Dance Source Houston approached me to brand their new dance festival, Barnstorm Dance Fest. They wanted a program logo that was simple and modern, but a little off-kilter.


For marketing the inaugural summer festival, they requested designs that were bold, modern, and which invoked a sense of frenzy. Accordingly, I focused on the pure physicality of the dancers...the heat of motion and sweat of summer. The resulting pieces became kind of "heat maps" of the dancers.

A few months later, Dance Source approached me again to create logos for the new Artist in Residence program and Truck Dances event.

With the acronym 'AIR' and the illusion of weightlessness of dancers, I wanted the AIR logo to be light, airy, and modern. 

Truck Dances, where short performances take place inside the back of an open truck, is such a unique concept that I kept the reference almost literal. Again, we kept the font very modern and clean, but incorporated the shape of the truck. 

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