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Sawyer Yards - 2015
Sawyer Yards - logo mark
Sawyer Yards Exhibitions Template
The Silos - 2015
Silver Street - 2016
Spring Street Studios - 2015
Tank Space - 2016
Summer Street Studios - 2017


In 2015 Jon Deal, of the Deal Company, asked me to help create a community of artists from a collection of loosely related art studio buildings in Houston's historic First Ward. Sawyer Yards was the result. Sandwiched between two very active train tracks, this former rail yard is now home to one of the largest creative communities in the country and features an active schedule of special events, art exhibitions, and maker markets. 

Click any image in the slide-show for an expanded view.

Concept to Production
Custom Lighted Sign | Spring Street
Custom Lighted Sign | Spring Street
Custom Lighted Sign | The Silos
Custom Signs | The Silos
Sawyer Yards Entrance Mock-ups
Silos Entrance Map and welcome
Entrance Monuments, Sawyer Yards
Entrance Monuments, Sawyer Yards
Entrance Monuments, Sawyer Yards
Silver Street, Vinyl Install
Silver Street, Vinyl
Proposed signage for Silver


Since 2015, I have rebranded or branded Spring Street​, Silver Street, The Silos at Sawyer Yards and Summer Street Studios.

In addition to designing and overseeing fabrication of custom outdoor signs for Spring Street and The Silos, last year I developed a campus wayfinding proposal that's slowly being implemented. With so many stakeholders involved, decisions can take time and things feel like they're moving slowly, but the amount of progress since 2015 is remarkable. 


See the Sawyer Yards wayfinding proposal

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